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Principal’s Message  
Primarily all education aims at uplifting the existing intellectual condition of theindividual to a higher level. In a proper environment an individual will become
capable of undertaking things better and will be able to present his views tomake others understand and the accept them to be good. In this process two
factors emerge. In Sanskrit they are referred to as “Shresta” and “Uttam”. TheFirst one “Shresta” depicts that a person knowing or capable of exhibiting some
thing better, Something than others. When such a person comes across otherperson who are knowing or capable as good as him there arises a contest,
competition to establish superiority among the better to become best. In doingthis lots of negative concepts arise in the minds of competitors, which lead to
hatred enmity. On the whole if education is for this purpose all efforts foreducating the people are futile.The Second word “Uttam” refers to the best. There is no good, there is not better. Only the best prevails. In this concept any individual undergoing the process of education is improving upon his own conditions from one level to the next higher level. In doing this he has improved himself, he is contesting himself, he is competing himself there is no one else to envy. When there is no envy, there is not hatredness. There is no hatredness, there is no enmity. There is only pure growth trying to be the best. There is no limit for growth. Sky falls short for the rise. In respect of “Shresta” and “Sarva shresta” there is always a limit and to maintain the position of Sarvashresta is extremely difficult. Because any time some competitor may come and establish superiority and position of “Sarva Shresta” changes hands. No person can calm “Sarva Shresta” permanently. In respect of Uttam there is no outside competitors. The competition is within. The growth and the betterment is continuous & every higher stage looks for next“Uttam” position. The children grow harmoniously in this process. So thechildren should be motivated to aim for uttam position not for “Sarva Shresta” position.
(Mrs. Snigdha Sneha)